Part 9: GCP: GCP Infrastructure

Let us have a brief overview of the GCP Infrastructure to understand its architecture.

To understand this, lets draw few diagrams and go through the GCP parts.

  1. GCP Compute: GCP Compute part consists of four parts namely “Compute Engine” responsible for creating VMs, Kubernetes responsible for deploying scaled containers, App engine to deploy different apps, and various other cloud functions.

2. Storage Part:- GCP Storage part provides five different features to store our data as per our requirement i.e. either SQL/relational/non-relational big data. We have various options available to store efficiently our data.

3. GCP AI: Google Artificial Intelligence API provides various features which provides language translation, text to speech translation, vision to voice change api, and natural language api to analyze the data based on natural language statements by different people.

4. GCP Big Data: GCP big data provides various cloud data flow options to store our big data and getting that at high speed using big query.

Now from next tutorial we will see how to do hands on to do various tasks in GCP.
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