Part 8: AWS vs Azure vs GCP Comparision.

Lets have a look at various major differences between AWS, AZURE, and GCP, the top three cloud technologies dominant in market nowadays.

Difference between AWS, Azure and GCP

Market Share 32% 20% 9%
Total Revenue for 2021 Over 56 billion Over 60 billion Over 6.7 billion
Availability Zones 80 Availability Zones with 25 regions 60+ regions and each region has at least 3 availability zones. 76 Availability zones in 25 regions
Top Consumers Netflix, Coco-Cola, McDonalds, Adobe, Unilever Samsung, HP, Pixer, BMW Paypal, Twitter, P&G, King Digital
Compute Services AWS claims to provide 99.5 % uptime. Azure provides hybrid cloud capabilities Comparatively cheaper compared to AWS/Azure
Storage Services S3 for object storage, EFS for file storage, and EBS for block storage. Azure also provides object, file, disk, queue and table storage. Cloud Storage for object Storage, Persistent disk for block storage, file store for file storage.
Data Backup Glaciar Azure Backup No Backup Service Yet
Billing – Pay as you go Structure Charges per hour Charges per minute Charges per second


There are many other differences however that we will understand after we start working on the platforms. It usually happen that a Compute engine is cheaper on one, and Storage is cheaper on another, and database is cheaper on third one. So it all depends on your requirement.

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