NOTE:- The updated Live CD is uploaded on 18th Dec 2017. 
Please download the new image file, the old one has a bug in
Install Script.

Here you will find the download links for New Generation Enterprise Linux.

For Live CD
Please select any of the below URLs to download the image.

Download Size
The ISO image size is of 1.7 GB. and the minimum Hard disk required for installation is 10GB. However you can boot the live CD from 2GB pen drive onwards.

For Install DVD

Would be released before 1st March 2017. Development is in progress....

Timelines Fixed for Development of NGEL

Timelines i have decided to accomplish this project development. 
In case you can help me to achieve with any of the tasks, please free to contact me. 
I will soon upload the project on sourceforge in few weeks and 
then we can setup a community and go ahead in this direction. 
However it will take some time until the release of new generation package management with NGEL 1.5.

1. 1st March 2017 --> Installation DVD would be released
2. 1st June 2017 --> Fully compatible, secure with selinux adjustment, and ansible like 
featured system console would be integrated with NGEL.
3. 1st October 2018 --> Will launch NGEL 1.5 Version with New Generation Package Management
 alongiwth RPM or DEB compatibility.
4. 1st January 2019 --> NGEL 2.0 would be released with independent scaled features and a 
better OS than its derivative Cent OS. 

However everything is open source, so this might be possible 
that we incorporate these features with Centos later release 
as per the community/experts advise.

A Note About License Terms

Everything is open source, and licensed under the same license as CentOS, i.e GNU GPL or MIT under which you can use, modify and distribute this software further, however the copyright or MIT license scripts/softwares must have their credit with them. The Redhat Scripts/softwares are owned soleby redhat and we don’t own them, we are using their scripts and tried to keep the credit intact for all softwares, however in case i missed something that needs to be corrected, then please let me know, i will enter the credit wherever required.

Also note that there is no revenue or money associated with this project, i am also working as part of Open source community, however since my idea is little bit different, hence i have launched NGEL to derive a new linux derivative which is easy to manage and administrate.

You can use the scripts/parts provided with NGEL freely, however it is advised to keep the credit intact. You may add your credit also alongwith that in case you improve or add changes to the existing scripts/programs.

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5 years ago

This is very informative website for Linux administrator..

6 years ago

Will upload the image by 5 PM tomorrow…