Whats new in Delete/Undelete Command Version 2 ?

Version 2 of delete and undelete commands are now available.


1. All users can now run the delete and undelete command as per the file/dir permissions.
2. Root User can restore all files including normal user deleted files, however
3. A normal user can only restore whatever files deleted by him/her and can’t see root user deleted files.

Now you can put this command and replace default rm command and later check what all files deleted by a normal user and can try to restore them if needed.

A root user can delete/restore all files deleted by any user.


Now able to handle unwanted options given with command.

[root@ngelinux]# delete -a
Invalid option -a
Use -v, -c, or -h or man page for details.

With first version it was throwing an error and not able to handle this exception.

Download Link

You can download the commands from this page.

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