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NGEL System Console

New Generation Linux System Console is a new GUI framework developed to perform all System Admin activities from a central GUI.

What all you can do from NGEL Console ?

1. Manage Users on System. (creating new users, changing password)
2. Group Management. (assigning groups to Users, etc)
3. Sudoers File Management. (provide sudo access to users/groups)
4. Services Management (start/stop service)
5. Hardware Management (Monitor system hardware and manage the error logs of system)
And many more things to come.....
The development of System Console phase 1 is completed and further development is in progress…
A new patch will be released for NGEL to incorporate the new console system on exisitng system. The expected launch date is 1st January 2018…

Current NGEL System console looks like below, and can add/edit/delete users, search package, monitor services and processes. Other functionalities will be added soon.

Stay Tuned Here !!!

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