What is NGEL ?

New Generation Enterprise Linux or NGEL 1.0 is derived from Cent OS(Redhat Inc.) and Fedora.

We have plans to create a new generation package management and a more scalated operating system for desktop as well as server users/Administrators.

NGEL 1.0 comes with XFCE desktop by default. It comes with all essential desktop applications pre-installed. Some of these applications are:

Desktop Tools
1. XFCE desktop with less than half memory consumption compared to GNOME.
2. Desktop Notes Integrated.
3. Libre Office Available.
4. VLC multimedia player.
5. Bluefish Programming or Note Editor.
6. Fileilla FTP Client.

Server Tools
LAMP Stack Integrated
PHPMyadmin Configured
Package management through YUM.
Service Management Option from GUI.
Debugging errors option in GUI, etc.

Moreover, NG Linux System Console Created which provides GUI to manage all System Activities so that an end user can also manage the systems:

1. User/Group Management GUI
2. Services Management GUI
3. Network Management (like Ansible)
4. Hardware Administration 
5. Package Adinistration 

Timelines Fixed for Development of NGEL

Timelines i have decided to accomplish this project development. 
In case you can help me to achieve with any of the tasks, please free to contact me. 
I will soon upload the project on sourceforge in few weeks and 
then we can setup a community and go ahead in this direction. 
However it will take some time until the release of new generation package management with NGEL 1.5.

1. 1st March 2017 --> Installation DVD would be released
2. 1st June 2017 --> Fully compatible, secure with selinux adjustment, and ansible like 
featured system console would be integrated with NGEL.
3. 1st October 2018 --> Will launch NGEL 1.5 Version with New Generation Package Management
 alongiwth RPM or DEB compatibility.
4. 1st January 2019 --> NGEL 2.0 would be released with independent scaled features and a 
better OS than its derivative Cent OS. 

However everything is open source, so this might be possible 
that we incorporate these features with Centos later release 
as per the community/experts advise.
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