Feel of Windows

A New Generation of Linux Interface with Scalability !!!

Welcome to NGELINUX Desktop & Server
What do you think why we have worked to launch a new Linux OS when there are already enough Linux Spins available ?
Why we will create a new desktop interface when already there is Ubuntu, Fedora available ?
Why we will modify centos to create a new Server deployment environment ?

The answer is simple to ease our life.
A new Desktop Interface
Provides a feel of working in Windows Operating System with better reliability than Ubuntu or any other Linux/Windows Operating system.
It will soon turn out the best desktop interface.
A new Server Operating System
Which provides all Sever/system management through a web interface.
Oh that seems odd ? Why would a system admin use GUI, i personally like to work on BLACK screen… 😛

So the answer is simple, why are you using ansible/puppet ? And if you are using them, then just drop the idea and uninstall all those tools and just go ahead with NGEL System Console providing all these features….

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