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We have created the new generation linux to ease the life of all users who are using Linux either as desktop operating system or as server operating system.

Now everyone can use the Operating system with very less effort and much more reliability. Alongwith the new NGEL, we have created this blog to share, discuss, and enhance our knowledge in different areas like C, C++, DSA, Unix and Linux. Please feel free to post your query or question on forum to discuss the issue.

Below is a snippet from one of the published papers in year 2015 to know more about us…

To know more about me, you can browse my one page blog http://saketjain.com

You can get my book “Unix Administration Quick Guide from here in India and from here Internationally.”

We have also published papers on “Automation of e-commerce solution using negotiation protocols” in IJERT volume 5, issue 07, july 2016 and in IJECS volume 5, issue 09, September 2016.

You can download and study the papers from below links.

1. Evaluating Negotiation Protocols and Negotiation Strategies for Automated E-Commerce

You can also browse the paper on IJERT Journal Archive in Vol. 5 Issue 07, July-2016.

2. Auction System for Automated E-Commerce: JADE based Multiagent Application
You can also browse the paper on IJECS Journal Archive in Volume 5 Issue 09 September 2016 Page No.18019-18024.

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1 year ago

Nice Read out wrt linux… thanks