Why NGELinux logo is named as OM ?

OM is an auspicious symbol which is renouned to be made of three sub-words or sounds i.e.:

1. a (pronounce as aaaaaaaa….)
2. u (pronounce as ooooooo…)
3. M (pronounced as mmmmmm.. )

It is known to be believed that it helps to open all seven chakras of our body namely alongwith boosting our whole body’s energy by enlighting 114 chakras present.

As a yoga practitioner, we used to observe the effect of OM on our body and soul.

It is believed in the traditional Hindu Mythology that OM is the start of universe and it is the end.

So keeping this in mind, we have kept the logo of our new generation Linux on the symbol OM.

Since it would be a start of a new way of handling/managing Linux OS.

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