Why we face Error 17 in Linux during grub boot ?

Recently i have faced an issue where i am not able to write anything on my hard disk.
This happens when i am playing with dd command on the system.

[root@ngelinux deleteperm]# cat /tmp/abc10
-bash: /bin/cat: Input/output error

Hence i have tried to reboot my system.
However failed to do so.

[root@ngelinux deleteperm]# init 6
-bash: /sbin/init: Input/output error

Then i have done a cold reboot.

After system reboot i got an error which says “Error 17” and the system failed to boot further.

Error 17 arise when we corrupt our grub install and hence the boot block has issue with reference.

Hence to resolve this issue we can try to re-install the grub of first 512 bytes after which the system should boot, however you might have lost some data in case there is corruption after 512 bytes.

In case the VBR or Volume boot record is also corrupt, you will not able to boot system with the installed Operating system.

To get the data, boot the system from some other disk and then re-install/restore the system.

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