How to re-enable logical drive or disk in HP Prolient Servers ?

Most of the times we encounter an error when the server logical drive is failed and the system hangs.

You can’t boot the system until and unless you re-enable the logical drive.

Today in this post, we will see the steps how to re-enable the logical drive on HPE Prolient Servers.

1. Reset the system and take its console from ILO.

Keep an eye on the monitor and when below screen appears, 
press F10 to enter into Intelligent Provisioning.

2. After you press return, the system will take few minutes and will ask below options.

Select "HPE Smart Storage Administrator" i.e. second option
 from the list.


3. System loads HP SSA screen.

Select the option with error mark i.e. Smart Array P440ar.

4. Click on Configure in Actions.

5. Now select the logical drive which is showing error mark.

As soon as you select this logical drive, 
there is an option on right side screen that says 
"Re-enable Failed Logical Drive". 
Click on this option.

6. Click Yes when prompted.

7. Click finish to complete the process.

2 Replies to “How to re-enable logical drive or disk in HP Prolient Servers ?”

    • Saket Jain

      Its disabled because of there was data loss on drive.

      Most commonly this happens when we replace motherboard, and any hard drives on the system.

      So in most of the cases, there would be data loss when you enable logical drive.

      Sometimes it even works by only installing grub, etc.

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