Solved: NFS shares are not visible on the NFS client ?

Suppose you have exported the NFS share from the server, however its not visible on the client.

Hence to troubleshoot this, we need to check if the NFS port is reachable from client.

In my case, i have created the NFS shares on NFSServer1, however these are not visible on NFS client

Hence we need to check and open NFS 2049 port from nfsclient to NFSServer1 which is currently not reachable.

I. Check showmount output on both servers.

## NFS Server
NFSServer1--> showmount -e
export list for NFSServer1:

## NFS Client
[root@nfsclient samba]# showmount -e NFSServer1

Here we can see from NFS client, we can’t see the NFS shares.
It means the NFS port 2049 is not able to connect.


II. Check NFS port 2049 connectivity from client.

[root@nfsclient samba]# telnet NFSServer1 2049

NFSServer1--> telnet localhost 2049
Connected to loopback.
Escape character is '^]'.

So as of now, we can’t proceed further to mount the NFS shares until and unless this is open.

So we need to raise a firewall/network request to get these opened.

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