Part 3: GCP: What is GCP ?

GCP is Google Cloud Platform provided by Google is a suite of cloud computing applications and services which runs on same platform/infrastructure which is used for its end user products like Gmail, Google Search, Youtube, etc.

Google Cloud Platform GCP consists of a set of physical assets, such as hard disk drives, whole computers, that are in turn formed into virtual resources like virtual machines (VMs), that are in actual situated in Google’s various data centers around the globe.

Concept of Google Cloud
a. What are zones, and a region ?
Suppose there is a region Asia – North-East, and we have 10 sites with different resources.
Each site is known as a zone with defined set of resources.
And the complete set of sites/zones come under a single region i.e. Asia-north-east-1.

Collection of Zones --> Region --> That makes up a data center


b. What is Global Scope in Google Cloud.
Global Scope contains all different regions across the globe where each region is a set of resources available in that area.

Global Scope --> Different Regions --> Each region has zones

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