Part 2: GCP: Different uses of Cloud Computing ?

Lets look at major uses of cloud computing where its used nowadays and how it is beneficial for us.

I. IoT(Internet of Things) Cloud
Cloud is primarily used for IoT devices like Smart devices, smart TVs, phones, different sensors, etc devices connected to Internet and operating through cloud.

It helps to add the flexibility that the device can be administered from anywhere and can be operated at lower cost.


II. Cloud for AI used in Machine Learning
The second major use is in Artificial Intelligence in ML- Machine Learning.

Cloud computing makes is easier for teams sitting at different geographic locations to interact/work with each other by accessing a centralized cloud data and automate the processes.

AI helps to add the intelligence into the data processing and these days it is on extreme demand.


III. Disaster Recovery
Another major use of cloud computing is to setup a DR site, i.e. Disaster recovery site.

DR setup is much more easier and cheap when we talk about cloud computing.

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