Part 4: GCP: Why to use Google Cloud Platform ?

Lets look why to use GCP i.e. Google Cloud Platform and what are its benefits/advantages.

I. Benefits of using GCP

  • Cost Efficient – GCP is at least 20% cheaper than its competitor AWS, Azure, etc.
  • Highly Scalable with auto-scaling – Its highly scalable as we can scale down or scale up the resources on the go and also provides a feature to auto-scale the application as per requirement.
  • Serverless – The GCP is obviously server less i.e. there is no hardware operational cost involved and provides high tolerance and disaster recovery.
  • Custom Machine Types – We can create custom virtual machines in GCP with our customized CPU, memory, and disk.
  • Different APIs Support – GCP provides different APIs to run different languages and applications directly.
  • Big Data Analytics — GCP provides support to gather the application usage data based on big data analytics which can help us to customize the application experience based on users and how to improve its performance based on usage.
  • IoT –-> It provides support to different IOT devices over the globe and helps to manage them efficiently.
  • Cloud AI – Helps to add intelligence to GCP interface to automatically run the applications online based on the APIs they require.


II. Advantages of using GCP

1. Increased reliability by providing higher uptime.
In case of any issue at primary site, the requests immediately fall to secondary available site without even having any interruption.

2. Economic Pricing
The pricing set by google for their cloud products are very economical and can be taken into account by any organization.

3. High Security
Since this is google product using the same infrastructure as of gmail, google search.

As stated by google, they provide equivalent amount of security to their users and their data hosted on GCP.

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