How to increase filesystem/logical volume in AIX ?

Today we will the steps to know how we can increase the filesystem in AIX.

AIX is far more flexible than linux/solaris, and provide on the fly filesystem increase/shrink facility.

Lets see how to increase the filesystem, and in case storage space is increased, then how to detect that on filesystem.

1. Increase a partition by 50GB.

ngeunix560 --> chfs -a size=+50G /oragrid
Filesystem size changed to 272236544

ngeunix560 --> df -gt /oragrid
Filesystem    GB blocks      Used      Free %Used Mounted on
/dev/prodglv     129.81     52.99     76.82   41% /oragrid


2. What data to provide to storage/SAN team for increase of disk.

 ngeunix579 --> df -g /mtpsit4f
Filesystem    GB blocks      Free %Used    Iused %Iused Mounted on
/dev/mtp4flv       4.62      4.62    1%       10     1% /mtpsit4f

ngeunix579 --> lslv -l mtp4flv
PV                COPIES        IN BAND       DISTRIBUTION
3pardata0_71439   074:000:000   100%          000:074:000:000:000

ngeunix579 --> lsattr -El 3pardata0_71439
dmpname   3pardata0_71439                     DMP Device name            True
pvid      00cfc3470009037d0000000000000000    Physical volume identifier True
unique_id 3PARdata%5FVV%5FFBDC%5F170F0001FBDC Unique device identifier   True
ngeunix579 -->
Now provide above details to SAN team in increase the space on this PV.


3. How to scan the new added space in our VG.
First send email request for growth to SAN Support.
Once they have increased the PV size, we can scan the new increased change using below command.

ngeunix560 --> chvg -g productsvg
ngeunix560 -->
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