How to check which process is using a port in AIX ?

Today we will look how to get the process details which is using a particular socket or port in AIX.

1. Get the port number socket details.

ngeaix091--> netstat -Aan| grep -i 1521
f1000e000b67abb8 tcp 0 0 *.1521 *.* LISTEN


2. Try to remove the socket to get the process id which is using the socket.

ngeaix091--> rmsock f1000e000b67abb8 tcpcb
The socket 0xf1000e000b67a808 is being held by proccess 20381836 (tnslsnr).

3. Get the process details of the process id.

ngeaix091--> ps -ef | grep -i 20381836
mtpuat2 20381836 1 0 10:32:55 pts/1 0:00 /mtpuat2/products/11.2.0/bin/tnslsnr LISTENER -inherit
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