starting udev: section size mismatch

When i boot my NGEL, i got a message in starting which says:

Starting udev: section size mismatch

What is meant by this and is there any impact ?

We have tested the scenario on Intel powered Vm machine and AMD powered VM machine.
We are not able to track the issue on Intel machine, however on AMD machine we are able to replicate the issue.

When we dig into this error message more, we found the ucode img file of AMD has not able to find proper AMD driver/hardware since we are booting the image in virtual machine. And when you install the image on your system, this error disappears.

There is no harm with this message until you see OK in front of “starting udev” message. This is just warning and can be ignored..

if you check the code it says:

total_size = buf[4] + (buf[5] << 8); if (total_size > size || total_size > UCODE_MAX_SIZE) {
– pr_err(“error: size mismatch\n”);
+ pr_err(“section size mismatch\n”);
return 0;

return total_size

We can say it has no harm, however it can cause your GUI or X driver not to work properly. You need to check by booting your system without rhgb(redhat graphical boot) quiet(to see all messages) and then check for which driver it says section size mismatch.

You may need additional drivers for your hardware type to be incorporated in your initrd or system.

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