Solved: How to get rid of password prompt when running Veritas commands.

One of the common issue in VCS is when the application user gets prompted for password while running Veritas commands.

The issue is not applicable for root user, other users on the system are being prompted for password.

I. Issue
Sometimes an application user suddenly gets prompted for a password.

user1@ngeaix001> hauser -display user1
user1 : GroupOperator for group(s) ( NGEL-adminserver, NGEL-nodemanager, NGEL-ohs, NGEL-osbvip, NGEL-weblogic_osb, NGEL-weblogic_soa, projects_mount )


II. Solution

user1@ngeaix001> export
user1@ngeaix001> halogin user1 nuser1_mdm
Domain Name []:
Domain Type [unixpwd]:

This should update the .vcspwd file in the users home directory.

user1@ngeaix001> cat .vcspwd
101 localhost user1 server2 unixpwd
101 user1 localdomain unixpwd

After this, we usually do not get the password prompt and the issue gets resolved.

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