Solved: 0516-787 extendlv: Maximum allocation for logical volume XXYY ?

Today in this article, we will look how to increase maximum allocation size of a LV in IBM AIX.

Sometimes when we try to increase a filesystem on IBM AIX OS, it throws an error like below.

I. Error Details

ACTIVE ngeaix001--> chfs -a size=+40G /aquaprd/backup
0516-787 extendlv: Maximum allocation for logical volume aqprodbklv
        is 8000.
ACTIVE ngeaix001-->


II. Solution

The solution is to increase the maximum allocation of the LV to more than 8000.
Lets set it to 9000 to get rid of this error message and increase the LV.

    ACTIVE ngeaix001--> uname -a
AIX ngeaix0011 7 00C303B74C999XX

ACTIVE ngeaix001--> chlv -x 9000 aquaprdbklv
ACTIVE ngeaix001-->

ACTIVE ngeaix001--> chfs -a size=+40G /aquaprd/backup
Filesystem size changed to 1101004800
ACTIVE ngeaix001-->

As we can see above, now we are able to increase the LV size successfully.

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