Part 13: GCP: How to create a Windows VM, set its Admin password, and connect to it via RDP ?

Today in this post, we will check how to create a windows VM instance on GCP and,

Assigning/Changing Admin Password of the Windows machine.

And how to connect to it from our system.

1. Goto Compute Engine and click on VM instance.

2. Now click on “CREATE INSTANCE” on top.

3. Fill out the name and other fields in the form.

4. Inside the Boot disk section, click on change.

5. Select Operating System to “Windows Server” and appropriate version.
Once done click on Select.

6. Once you select, it will go back to previous screen.
Now scroll down and click on “Create”

7. So i got an error that Windows VM can’t be created in free tier.
Hence i need to enable billing.

8. In case it gets created, we will get the IP address in front of VM instance, and we can connect it via RDP client on our system.

9. However to login first, we need to set the admin password which can be done from options.

Here we will get options and an option to set admin password if its created.

Since i can’t create it so i can’t show this to you at the moment.

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