Part 12: How to make IP address of any VM/Application static on GCP ?

In this post, we will see how to make a machine/application IP address static over google cloud network.

By default, its dynamic IP Address and it will change each time any VM/App gets rebooted/restarted.

In case you are testing, please create a VM instance inside compute engine and then follow below steps.

1. Goto Networking –> VPC Network –> External IP addresses.

2. Now it will show up below screen where we can configure the IP address static.

3. Click on “Reserve” to reserve a static IP address for our VM instance.
It will pop up below screen. Add the name and description here to reserve that IP address in static mode.

4. After clicking on Reserve, you can see the IP address gets reserved i.e. made static for our VM instance.

So cheers, we have made the Ip address for our application static now.

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