Part 1: Introduction to Openstack: What is openstack ?

From this tutorial, we will start learning about Openstack and its certification.

We will go through what all is required to clear its certification i.e. redhat openstack certification.

I. Types of Cloud
1. Private Cloud : The cloud computing which can be managed only by an organization in a private network domain.

2. Public Cloud : The cloud computing which can be managed over the internet in public domain and can be shared across different organizations.

3. Hybrid Cloud : The cloud computing where a part of the network is public cloud or can be accessed globally and some part of the network remains private which can be accessed by authorized/authenticated users only.

II. Introduction to Openstack
1. Set of software tools which helps us to build and manage private and public cloud environments.
2. Its backed by some of the large companies like rackspace technologies, Redhat, Dellm Suse, IBM, etc.
3. Based on IaaS model i.e. Infrastructure as a Service.
4. The model was introduced in 2010 by Rackspace Technology and NASA.
5. Later on from 2012, its now managed by Openstack Foundation
6. In 2021, its renamed to Open Infrastructure Foundation

III. What is Redhat Openstack ?
Redhat provides support to deploy and scale our applications/infrastructure to openstack solution with their expert team on role.
They help us to stabilize the openstack cloud to run in a production environment.

IV. Redhat Openstack Certification Path
Redhat provides two books which covers the redhat openstack certification practice.
1. CL-110 — First Part — 60-70% Paper covered from this book. — Contains 14 chapters
2. CL-210 — Second Part — Rest of the paper from this book. — Contains 10 chapters

Here we have seen introduction to openstack.

In the next post, we will learn further how to do hands on with openstack.

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