Linux: Warning : /dev/root/ does not exist ?

Sometimes we receive issues with PXE boot server with below text:

dracut-initqueue: /dev/root does not exist 

The issue is caused while downloading or reading the squashfs filesystem.

To correct this issue verify if the squashfs.img file exists on your PXE boot server below:

[root@nglinux LiveOS]# ls -ltr
total 1668884
-rwx------. 1 root root 1708937216 Dec 14 10:55 squashfs.img

If its permissions are not fine, you may correct the permissions:

[root@nglinux LiveOS]# chmod -R 755 ..

If the permission are fine, verify the initrd image if its correct PXE server image?

If not then replace the initrd image with image provided under PXE folder in the CD image.

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