How to see serial number in IBM AIX OS ?

Today we will look at a small yet very useful command of IBM AIX OS.

Do you know how to see the serial number of an IBM AIX OS ?

Its helpful when we want to reach out to IBM for raising any case, or to get any support.

Get IBM AIX OS Serial Number

ngeaix01--> lsconf | head
System Model: IBM,9119-MHE
Machine Serial Number: 21D2997XX
Processor Type: PowerPC_POWER8
Processor Implementation Mode: POWER 8
Processor Version: PV_8_Compat
Number Of Processors: 3
Processor Clock Speed: 4356 MHz
CPU Type: 64-bit
Kernel Type: 64-bit
LPAR Info: 61 ngeaix01_HARPROD_PROD_IntApp
/usr/sbin/lsconf: There is no process to read data written to a pipe.
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