How to collect pdump in AIX ?

In this article, we will see how to collect pdump in AIX server.

Lets see the steps of collecting pdump on the server.

1. First download the pdump tool from here:


2. Now upload the pdump tool on server.

-rwxr-x--- 1 root system 14198 23 Mar 11:47


3. Make sure to have execute permission for others.

ngeaix01 --> chmod +x


4. Check out the syntax of the script.

ngeaix01 --> ./
Usage: ./ [ -k | -d ] -k: skip kdb
-p: call proctools
-d: call dbx (implies -p)
-l: long mode with more output


5. Now run the pdump script with process ID in front of it.

ngeaix01 --> ./ 6291632

Getting general environment data ...
Dumping process information from kdb ...

dumping process slot 96 ...
building kdb commands ...
thread slot 2591 ...
executing kdb commands ...

Output file is pdump.du.6291632.23Mar2021-11.52.39.out


6. Check out the generated file.

-rw-r----- 1 root system 191179 Mar 23 11:52 pdump.du.6291632.23Mar2021-11.52.39.out

ngeaix01 --> pwd
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