How to mount a NFS share permanently in IBM AIX ?

Today in this article, we will check how to mount a NFS share permanently on an IBM AIX server.

On linux and solaris, we have fstab and vfstab files to achieve this functionality.

However in AIX, we have /etc/filesystems to achieve the same.

Lets see what all we need to put in the file.

I. Make an entry for permanent mount in /etc/filesystems.

ngeaix001--> tail /etc/filesystems
        mount           = false
        account         = false

        dev             = /ngelworkspace
        vfs             = nfs
        nodename        = aixserver02
        mount           = true
        options         = bg,soft,intr,sec=sys,nosuid
        account         = false

Here we have placed few entries below:
a. The mount point name i.e. /ngelworkspace
b. The type of filesystem “nfs”
c. Remote server name: “aixserver02”
d.mount” option specifies whether we want to mount this NFS share on system reboot or not.
e. the different mount options


II. Mount and check the new filesystem

ngeaix001--> mount /ngelworkspace

ngeaix001--> df -g /ngelworkspace
Filesystem    GB blocks      Free %Used    Iused %Iused Mounted on
aixserver02:/ngelworkspace     296.88      5.53   99%  1072525    43% /ngelworkspace
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