How to check if a NFS server is reachable from NFS client ?

In this article, we will see how to verify if a NFS server is reachable from NFS client.

I assume the NFS server is reachable i.e. ping works fine and we want to check the NFS related functionality.

Lets see this short trick stepwise to understand it.

1. Check if you can see shares.

[root@ngelinux01 ~]# showmount -e testserver2
Export list for testserver2:
/ngelace3/products (everyone)
/ngelace3/products/share (everyone)

Or, in case its hanged, it will throw an error like this.

[root@ngelinux01 ~]# showmount -e havud408
clnt_create: RPC: Port mapper failure - Timed out

In first case above, the server shares are visible and can be mounted on server.

And in other case, if it was failed, please go with second point below.


2. Check out the port 2049 is reachable from NFS client or not.

[root@ngelinux01 ~]# telnet havud408 2049
[root@ngelinux01 ~]# ^C

However from other servers, its reachable.
[root@ngelinux01 ~]# telnet testserver2 2049
Connected to testserver2.
Escape character is '^]'.

Suppose its connecting at 2049 port, it means the port is reachable(no network/firewall issue) and NFS service is running.

And in case it was failed, then it means either the NFS service is not running or the port 2049 is blocked at network firewall.


3. Check and start NFS service on NFS server.

# service nfsd restart
# stopsrc -g nfsd; startsrc -g nfsd


4. Now try to run the telnet command again and if it still fails, then its blocked at network firewall and you need to get this particular port opened to get it worked.

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