Case Insensitive Search in Linux and Solaris.

Many of the times, we forget the command path and the path variable also doesn't seems to be set.
So in this case, i used to search for the command. Not only command, sometimes we used to search some fiile/script/directory then also this command is useful.

First lets look at the case sensitive search syntax and then we look how to make it case insensitive.

Case Sensitive Search: find / -name "myfile.txt"
or, find / -print | grep "myfile.txt"

Case Insensitive Search On Linux: find / -iname "*abc*" On Solaris: find / -print | grep -i "*abc*" So now you know one more thing on linux os solaris, that is how to search for any string that you want on the system either its a file or directory, a command or device. Please leave your comments if you have any query.
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