How To Improve your Convincing Power

 In this world where you cant move forward just by representing yourself, you need more than that. Precisely you can say you need to market your skills and knowledge.  If one wants to excel in personal and professional walk of life then it becomes the dire need he should be able to influence others with what ones own perception is. 
Question arises How it can be done???Here are few simple ways to become more influential and impressive. 
1. Be Simple and Concrete-If you talk formally to your prospects, you don't convince them. On the other hand if you use simple and short words, you build a connection between you and your prospects. Your message becomes more vivid and real so they begin to understand and see your point of view. 
2. Develop your interest in other people-People love their selves and appreciate those who understand their needs and desires. Spend time to talk with people about their hopes and fears, their beliefs and doubts, their careers and hobbies, their families and loved ones, their experiences and values. If you develop this quality, what you say will naturally suggest far more to them than the words you use. 
3. Explore new fields of knowledge-There are lots of opportunities everywhere - books in your home that you seldom read or in the public library, training or study courses in the Internet. Make sure they're reliable information. Also activities like joining a club of your interest and taking part in civic projects lets you meet new people, new experiences and gives you a wider perspective as you impart your knowledge to your prospects. 
4. Know What You're Talking About-Suggest the best about yourself and your message by careful preparation of what you say. So go to your reference, seek out someone who is more knowledgeable in the subject and talk with him, review what you have learned and evaluate yourself. If you do that, your prospects will think "This guy is smart, he knows his subject well.
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