Which is Better- JS or jQuery

You may be thinking that which is better Javascript or jQuery. 
Most of us will answer that jQuery is better than the core javascript. 
However this answer is completely wrong because obviously javascript is much more better and provides fast manipulation than jQuery. 
There are two major advantages that jQuery provides which are as follows: 
a. It provides an easy way of doing things and is very good if you want to achieve complex tasks with less LOC(lines of code) 

b. The other advantage is that its code is implicitly browser independent and thus there is o tension to look for different properties according to different browsers. For example- in JS we need to write different lines of code for different browsers but there is no such things required in case of jQuery. 
In overall if we don't need the real time response of any event then jQuery is best to use, but in case of some apps like autosuggestion box, etc which needs high speed with no delay then we need to use the core javascript programming.
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