What is jQuery ?

jQuery is simply a library that contains several javascript functions. This library helps us to accomplish the tough jobs in a very easy manner as compared to simple javascript. 

Not only this, jQuery is very beneficial as it allows the tasks to be achieved in an easy manner, but also it makes the code browser independent. It means when we used to write the code with javascript, we always look for browser compatibility whereas in case of jQuery, this major issue is resolved by the jQuery creators. The official site of jquery is jquery.com. 
If you look at the jQuery syntax, you will find that a job that otherwise requires to be coded with 10-20 lines of code can be accomplished with just a single line of code. 
The only disadvantage that i observed while using jQuery is that it makes the task a little bit slower. For example- when i tried to create the auto suggestion box with jQuery, it had introduced a delay but when i replaced it with core javascript and ajax calls the speed was fine. Although i have observed this problem with the last version of jQuery and might be removed with the new version but still i thought of pointing it out. 
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