Solved: Not able to create VNC session in working state on Debian machine ?

Today we will see one of the most common VNC issue on Debian machine and its resolution.

I. Issue
When we try to run vncserver it rejects the session saying, “Not able to create VNC Session”


II. Steps to resolve the issue and create a new session

1) Rename your .cshrc

$ mv .cshrc .cshrc_old


2) Created a file xstartup.debian in your home under .vnc folder.
Move existing file to some other name and rename this file to xstartup.

$ cd .vnc
$ mv xstartup xstartup_old
$ touch xstartup


3) RUN VNC Server now.

$ /usr/bin/vncserver

This should now start the vncserver with the screen number.

You can now try to open the vnc session on your syste,.

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