Solved: kernel: spectre[]: segfault at ip sp error 4 in spectre ?

Today we will see one of the common error messages in linux system log messages.

I. Error: segmentation fault while trying to access invalid memory address.

Dec  6 03:31:04 ngelinux01 kernel: spectre[428701]: segfault at 0 ip 0000000002351d01 sp 000000000b3c8fb0 error 4 in spectre[400000+a641000]
Dec  6 03:31:09 ngelinux01 kernel: spectre[434197]: segfault at 441f0f1574d8 ip 0000000000617e45 sp 0000000009b2bcb0 error 4 in spectre[400000+8ce8000]


II. Troubleshoot

Download and run the spectre meltdown vulnerability check script.

# wget
# chmod +x
# ./
CVE-2019-11135 aka 'ZombieLoad V2, TSX Asynchronous Abort (TAA)'
* TAA mitigation is supported by kernel:  NO
* TAA mitigation enabled and active:  NO  (tsx_async_abort not found in sysfs hierarchy)
> STATUS:  VULNERABLE  (Your kernel doesn't support TAA mitigation, update it to latest available Version)

Here we see multiple output, and we need to note down the points where the status is vulnerable.

In my case, i found above one vulnerability and the resolution is noted down below.


III. Resolution
Check current kernel version and Upgrade your system kernel to the latest version available.

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1 year ago

helped me, thanks