Part 15: GCP: Deploying a Kubernetes Cluster with Google Kubernetes engine.

Today we will see how to deploy a kubernetes cluster on GKE i.e. Google Kubernetes Engine under GCP.

Lets have a look step by step to understand it.

1. Goto Options –> Kubernetes Engine –> Cluster below.


2. Now click on “Create Cluster” and select different options below.


3. Now you will below screen. Since we are learning, we will select “Standard Cluster”.
However later on we will see advantages of auto-pilot cluster as well.


4. Once you click “Configure”, you will see below options.
Here you need to check out the available options and scale up/down them as per your requirement.

Once you are done with selecting all the options, you can click on “Create”.

After clicking on create, you will see below screen.


5. It will take couple of minutes to get the cluster created.
By default it is a 3-node cluster.
Once this is created, we will see something like this below.

And now we can click on cluster name to see its different options.


6. Now you can click on “Connect” and run it in cloud shell to transfer the cluster keys.

And then you can manage the cluster using “kubectl” command.

Seems quick and easy to get a kubernetes cluster deployed. So enjoy learning GCP.

In case you are also testing, feel free to delete this immediately to save your credits.

Once you delete the kubernetes cluster, it will automatically delete all three nodes and its data.

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