Index that we follow

We have seen the $ and how to write the jQuery code in our page. Now we will gradually go into the various functions and methods that are available in the jQuery.

So the index of topics that we will follow is as follows:
a.) Selectors:- First we will look at the different selectors available in the jQuery and see how to use all of them. Selectors refers to the tags or character strings that we write inside $() to refer different components or parts of the page.For example- "tr" selects the whole tr tags of the document and apply the code onto it.
b.) Event Functions:- After we go through the selectors, we will look at the different event functions provided by the jQuery. One of them we have already covered i.e. document.ready. There are many others like the click event of mouse, double click, mouse-over, etc.
c.) Effects Functions:- After we complete the various events of jQuery, we will go through the different effects' functions provided by the jQuery. Effects can be fadein, fadeout, slidedown, show, hide, etc.
d.)Miscellaneous Functions:- It includes various html manipulation functions like .html, .text, wrapping any html element around some document portion, and many other important and mostly used jQuery Functions.
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