How to see all available Linux System Errors Numbers with their Description ?

Today we will check out how to check out all available error numbers on our linux system with the description of corresponding error number.

The command is very handy, you can redirect it into a new file and can grep the corresponding error number whenever required from that file.

Let us have a look how to get the system error numbers and their description list in Linux.

[root@nglinux ~]# cat /usr/include/asm-generic/{errno-base.h,errno.h} | egrep -o "[0-9]{1,3}\s.*$"
1	/* Operation not permitted */
2	/* No such file or directory */
3	/* No such process */
4	/* Interrupted system call */
5	/* I/O error */
6	/* No such device or address */
7	/* Argument list too long */
--------------- Output truncated -----------------

I hope you liked the tip.

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