How to increase disk size in VxVM Veritas Volume Manager ?

LVM and VxVm, both are volume managers that allow us to manage disk space on our OS. Logical meaning is same for any volume manager in Linux, the difference lies is the scope of their support(on linux, solaris, aix, etc) and the options/features it provides.  In LVM, the disks are in the control of Linux OS Logical Volume Manager, but in VxVM, the disks are in control of Veritas Volume Manager which provides enhanced support on many other Linux/Solaris/unix OS.  
	1. First get the details of dgname and volume name for which we want to increase the disk space. Then check how much free space available in dg using below command.  
	vxdg -g bzlproddg1 free  
	-bash-3.00$ sudo vxdg -g bzlproddg1 free  
	DISK                                       DEVICE       TAG          OFFSET    LENGTH    FLAGS  
	bzlproddg1_disk12 emc_clariion0_1054 emc_clariion0_1054 52256256  104192    -  
	bzlproddg1_disk21 emc_clariion0_1022 emc_clariion0_1022 41943040  10417408  -  
	Last value 10417408 shows the amount of free space.  
	2.  Now check how much we can grow that volume:  
	vxassist -g bzlproddg1  maxgrow control4db01_vol  
	-bash-3.00$ sudo vxassist -g bzlproddg1  maxgrow control4db01_vol  
	Volume control4db01_vol can be extended by 10520576 to: 21006336 (10257Mb)  
	3. Now increase the size if available.  
	sudo vxresize -g bzlproddg1 control4db01_vol +5g  

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