With great round of applause, please welcome our todays guest : ˜Mr. X in your likely to be favourite show : ˜Y. 
In our show, I will ask some very simple questions from Mr. X and lets see what his views about them¦Lets start: 
I: Very basic question¦Tell us Why ˜2 comes after ˜1 ? 
X: Because 1 comes before 2¦..(What stupid question) 
I: In that case, can you justify the representation of ˜1, ˜2, ˜3¦.. 
X: Its the way we have been taught since beginning¦.(Now this should also have a reason or what..) 
I:Ok!!! You have done your engineering in which branch? 
X: Computer Science (With Proud) 
I:Means you know ˜Computer Engg. 
X : Yeah!!! (Confident) 
I: Humm!!! Engg-4 yrs..8 semester¦approx 6 subjects/semester¦ 
X: (Again some useless crap¦I think) 
I: Ok!!! Now my question is why those subjects were included in that order only?? 
X: It is decided by university..what we can do in this????.....(Wann to pull my hairs¦) 
I: But u said u know Computer engg¦.Ok lets change the topic¦ 
X: (Thank God!!!!) 
I: What is your life's purpose or final goal??? 
X: Have done my engg¦doing a good job in a renowned MNC..what else I want from my life? 
I: So, thats all you wanted to have¦was that only the purpose for which you were bestowed with this spancious gift called ˜LIFE by Almighty??  
X: (Silence¦..) 
I: If you donn know answers to above ques, how can u say that u know computer engg ?? œDO YOU REALLY KNOW WHAT YOU DONT KNOW???? 
Smallest question is not small¦.we should try to find its depth¦Think!!!!! 
Well lets reveal the secret now.. 
Interviewer: I  
Interviewee: Inner-Self 
Show : Self- Realization 
                                                  -Sapna Jain 
  Project Engg,Wipro Technologies 
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