Tar Backup Issue


We are getting issue with TAR backup with error messages:

DEBUG:root:Found subclass: SDPInfoPrologHandler DEBUG:root:searching XvgXlvBackupHandler DEBUG:root:searching FdsConfigBackupHandler CRITICAL:root:Backup failed. CRITICAL:root:Command '['/bin/tar', '--acls', '--selinux', '-czf', '/dev/nst0', '.', '--exclude', '"lost+found"']' returned non-zero exit status 2 CRITICAL:root:Trace: File "/opt/EABcfBackup/bin/backup", line 444, in main check_call_noout["/bin/tar", "--acls", "--selinux", "-czf", config.get'Backup', 'device', ".", "--exclude", "\"lost+found\""]


This error is a common issue which occurs due to problem with tape drive.

It is recommended to involve your hardware team and process a cleanup of tape drive with cleanup media.

It is also recommended to clean the tape drive with cleanup media on weekly basis.

After cleaning the tape drive, tape backup will be successful.

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