Solved Error: Required file .//source/crs/Disk1/rootpre/pw-syscall32 is missing during OHS install.

I recently encountered a small silly mistake while helping the team to install OHS on server.

This article shows how to solve this small silly mistake while performing this action.


1. Error Details

ngelinux120--> /products/oracle/stage/software/OHS_11.1.1.7/Disk1/ Required file .//source/crs/Disk1/rootpre/pw-syscall32 is missing. Aborting pre-installation procedure. Installations of Oracle may fail. ngelinux120-->


2. Solution

ngelinux120--> cd /products/oracle/stage/software/OHS_11.1.1.7/Disk1
ngelinux120--> ./
./ output will be logged in /tmp/rootpre.out_20-01-21.08:41:32
Saving the original files in /etc/ora_save_20-01-21.08:41:32....
Copying new kernel extension to /etc....
Loading the kernel extension from /etc

 Oracle Kernel Extension Loader for AIX
       Copyright (c) 1998,1999 Oracle Corporation

 Kernel Extension /etc/pw-syscall.64bit_kernel already loaded, unloading it
 Unconfigured the kernel extension successfully
 Unloaded the kernel extension successfully
 Successfully loaded /etc/pw-syscall.64bit_kernel with kmid: 0xa0c24000
 Successfully configured /etc/pw-syscall.64bit_kernel with kmid: 0xa0c24000
The kernel extension was successfuly loaded.

Checking if group services should be configured....
Nothing to configure.
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