Significance of vm and z in kernel image name “vmlinuz”

When our linux system boots up, it shows the kernel image name as "vmlinuz" but it should be "linux" as its the first name that is proposed and as we know its given by Linus Torvalds then  
Why it is named as vmlinuz? 
What is the significance of "vm" in the name? 
Why "x" is replaced by "z" ? 
The answer is very simple: 
The first linux image is named as "linux" but when the support of virtual memory is added(i.e. the swap space), the "vm" is added ahead of kernel image name, hence having a new name "vmlinux".  
Now since the image comes in comspanssed form, it is named as "vmlinuz" where "z" signifies the "comspanssed image" of kernel. 
However its a small thing but still the most of the experienced persons are still unaware of this. 
That's why i worth mentioning it over here to share it with all of you. 
Thanx !! 
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