Part 10: GCP: How to keep disk intact even after deleting VM in GCP ?

In this post, we will see how to create a VM instance on Google cloud platform.

1. Goto compute engine –> VM instances.

2. Click on Create Instance and now from options click on “Change” under Boot Disk.

3. Now a tab will appear — > Click on Advanced Configuration –> And you will see below options.
a. Select “Keep Boot Disk” from the option.
b. Now the boot disk will not be deleted even when the instance gets removed.

4. Click on “Select” to save the current options.

5. Now fill other options and create the instance.

6. Now even when you delete the VM instance, the disk will be kept intact.

With this disk kept, you can also create snapshot/instance later on and save yourself from any mishappening that VM is deleted by someone and the data is lost.

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