How to verify MD5 sum of an ISO File in Windows and Linux ?

Here i will tell you how you can calculate the MD5 check sum of a downloaded ISO file and verify its integrity.

First lets understand what is MD5 sum ?

MD5 is a program that generates unique hash against an ISO file
which is stored in the header of the ISO file by the vendor or 
program/software distributor so that end users can verify if 
they are using original program file.

There is no need for MD5 sum in ISO functionality, 
however to check its integrity, to confirm if 
there is no packet lost during download and to 
verify if everything else is fine with the file, 
it is suggested to check MD5 sum after file download.

Now we will check how to verify the MD5 sum of an ISO file on Linux first.

For this we can use md5sum command like below:

[root@nglinux ~]# md5sum /mnt/hgfs/nglinux\ data/nglinux.iso 
5415f4efc7ee45f07e19a1e5e39f3616  /mnt/hgfs/nglinux data/nglinux.iso
[root@nglinux ~]# 

Now you can verify if the ISO MD5 sum is same as provided by the distributor.

If not, then you need to re-download the file.

Now we will check how to check MD5 sum on Windows.

On windows, we can use the command certutil in below mentioned way:

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