How to stop/start DB on RAC Cluster Node ?

Today we will see how to stop/start database on a RAC cluster node.

In this example, we need to stop ngelservstatdb/db2 database instance prior to DB because they are hard-linked to database (depend on database).

I. Stopping DB instance only on one node

# crsctl stop resource ngelservstatdb -n ngeaix001
# crsctl stop resource ngelservstatdb2 -n ngeaix001

# srvctl stop instance -db ngeAIe1m -node ngeaix001 -stopoption IMMEDIATE
# srvctl stop instance -db ngeAIe1i -node ngeaix001 -stopoption IMMEDIATE


II. Starting back DB instance

# srvctl start instance -db ngeAIodi -node ngeaix001
# srvctl start instance -db ngeAIe1m -node ngeaix001

# crsctl start resource ngelservstatdb -n ngeaix001
# crsctl start resource ngelservstatdb2 -n ngeaix001

In above steps, we have done two things.
a. First we have stopped DB resource on one node. (required because this is hard linked to instance)
b. And then we have stopped the database instance.

And in case we don’t stop the resource, it will again start the DB.

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