How to Raise a SR to Oracle for failed TSM drive ?

Suppose we have to raise a call with oracle, replacing a failed drive, then we need to follow the steps below.


I. Identify Error with Drive

The drive can be identified as failed, if it is 'red' in the storagetek console, or,
If there are too many errors in the TSM. Assuming you already tried several times to restart it and it didn't help.


II. Collecting Logs

Before you start collect following logs, from STORAGETEK library:
1. Eventlog - Error Warn Info
Report - Log - Eventlog - Error Warn Info - Copy and Paste the info in notepad file

2.Log Snapshot file
Tools - Diagnostics - TransferFile - Generate Log Snapshot on Library


III. Raising a Service request with Oracle:

Login to
Go to Service Request
Create SR
Fill the required info - for reference 3-1587071115340199.
In addition attached both logs collected earlier


IV. Follow up

On a later stage, oracle may ask for logs generated/collected with LLT tool.

If possible, collect and provide the logs.

However if the tape drive is in an SL8500 tape silo which isn’t connected to any reachable workstation, then you will not able to collect the logs.

Above logs (Eventlog – Error Warn Info and Log Snapshot file) should be enough for oracle to process the case.

Get a time slot for engineer to replace the drive to correct the issue.


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