How to clear a specific vixen license slot ?

Today in this article, we will see how to clear any specific vixen license slot.

It can happen that the licensing slots for SQL client users are full and that they don’t get cleared.

In the example below 4 slots are taken up of a current maximum of 8 slots:


I. Check current usage of Licenses.

ngeaix001 --> /ngelsoft/usql/bin/licmon

License file: /ngelsoft/usql/bin/SERVER.LIC
Organization: NGELINUX
License string: XXXXXXX-L8-B4-J1-A2-XXXXXXXX

This license has the following characteristics

Product: U/SQL Client-Server
Serial code: XXXXX
Create date: 10 Jun, 2022
Expiry date: None
Server platform: SCO UNIX/OpenServer/Unixware & Linux
Data source driver(s):
Max usage counts:
U/SQL Client Users: 8

Active U/SQL Client Users: 4 (no slot limit)
User# User IP User Name User's Count
1 user01 235 000062073-1
Server PID(s) :
2 user02 143 000062073-7
Server PID(s) : 24358 6082 6083
3 user03 174 000062073-8
Server PID(s) : 24060 24062 24063
4 user04 116 000062073-10
Server PID(s) :


II. Clear Up the specific slot

Sometimes when the slots don't clear new users can't log in and app suport may request us to clear some slots.

Ask which users in particular they want to see cleared.

In order to clear a specific slot run:
# /ngelsoft/usql/bin/licmon -a A -s 5 -r

### where -a for user type is A. -s (slot) is 5 and -r for get rid.

Don’t go with “for” loop, as the slots move up the list. (or for loop in reverse order)

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