Hard to understand why Indian Govt. trumpeting for petrol price hike…???

We are nowadays hearing that petroleum industry is facing a loss of 900 crore and during this financial year 2012 budget the congress govt. has decided to increase the price by Rs. 5.
What do you think "what government proclaims is right or wrong"? 
What re the real statistics and is it true?  
And on the other hand, Goa govt decreases Rs.11 per liter by removing the state level vat of 20% from petrol. Is it true ? 
Now here comes the Indian government politics... the govt claims a loss of Rs 5 on a single liter of petrol, and on the other hand they are charging 20% of vat at state level and above 30% of tax at central level which constitute a total of 51% vat on petrol and 34.8% of tax on diesel.....just imagine govt takes 51% of petrol price i.e. about Rs37 as tax and thereafter it is loosing Rs5 per liter........ now just imagine how the Indian government make ourselves fool by proclaiming the petrol price hike at international level.... 
Just suppose if there is no tax or vat on petrol than it would cost about Rs 23.4 per liter..... 
Oh and we indians are paying Rs70 and thereafter also indian petroleum industry is facing a loss of Rs5.....  
Just think how much we are paying and still the govt tries to earn so much out of the common people by putting the common man in dark about the reality behind the real price of petrol 
 Now just sit idle and think on it..... Pakistan changes about Rs 45 per liter, in usa the price is about Rs49.... and the developing nation india where the price should be lower as compared to us, but the reality is something else. 
However from the aspect of government, the petrol or fuel industry is one of the major revenue generating method for any country's economy, but lowering the price can definitely give growth a shot, and definitely in case of a developing country like India.
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