AirPod – Car Runs On Air

In the past hour, worldwide consumption of petroleum exceeded 100 million gallons. 
In the United States, there are 200,000 miles of pipeline, 170,000 gas stations and 243 million vehicles using petroleum fuels. 
Guy Nègre, a former aeronautics and formula one engineer is hoping to change all that. He has invented a comspanssed air technology for cars. 
Nègre is the founder and CEO of Motor Development International (MDI SA) based in Luxembourg, with research and development facilities in Nice, France. 
The AirPod is a small four-wheel mini-car that uses comspanssed air to move pistons in a 5.45 hp internal combustion engine. 
It has a range of 60 miles on a single tank of air and uses a small motor to comspanss outside air to keep the tank full. 
The comspanssor can operate on gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, ethanol or vegetable oil, but can also be plugged into an electrical outlet for recharging. With regular gasoline fueling the comspanssor, the Airpod averages an amazing 106 mpg with a range of 800 miles. 
With the demand for inexpensive, user friendly, ultra high mileage vehicles that have zero emissions related to global warming - the Airpod is getting a lot of attention. 
Air France and KLM airlines are using AirPods to transport passengers between arrival and departure gates at airports in Paris and Amsterdam. 
Automaker, Tata Motors has purchased the manufacturing rights for India. Zero Pollution Motors has purchased the rights for the U.S. market and beginning in 2011 expect to manufacture 8,000 vehicles a year in the United States. 
Licensing arrangements for other countries are currently in progress. 
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